Hands-On Laser Training Course

Learn How to Operate Industry-Standard Lasers + IPL and Obtain Your Georgia Laser License

ASI Training Center offers a comprehensive two-day laser training course for aesthetic professionals seeking their Georgia laser license. In this small group setting, you will receive plenty of hands-on experience with industry-standard lasers and thorough education on laser physics and safety protocols. Upon completion, you will receive all three required certificates, plus a bonus hands-on microneedling certificate. A complimentary skin care analysis valued at $250 is also included.

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Meet Your Trainer

Dr. Lori Lynch, MD graduated with honors in Biology and Chemistry from Georgia State University. She earned her Medical Doctorate from Ross University and completed her residency at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia. Since 2011, Dr. Lynch has specialized in functional medicine, weight loss, aesthetics, and regenerative medicine. Trained at renowned institutions like the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Center of Anti-Aging Medicine, her focus is on regenerative and anti-aging treatments. This includes PRP injections, testosterone replacement, her unique Longevity Diet Plan, IV nutritional therapy, and various facial rejuvenation techniques. Dr. Lynch is dedicated to a holistic approach, emphasizing natural and minimally invasive methods to help patients achieve optimal health and age gracefully.



The cost for the two-day course usually is $2,500 but is offered at a discounted rate of $1,500!

Class schedule of 2024:

February 11th and 25th

March 10th and 24th

April 7th and 21st

May 5th and 19th

June 2nd and 23rd and 30th

July 14th and 21th

August 4th and 18th

September 1st and 15th

October 6th and 20th

November 3rd and 17th

December 1st and 15th


Day one begins with a 3D-skin analysis, where participants will learn about their skin from the stratum corneum to the dermis. After the skin analysis, the course will focus on laser physics and safety protocols. The majority of day one is hands-on, and a complimentary lunch is provided. The course also includes hands-on microneedling with a PRP/Stem cell treatment and ends with a step-by-step checklist on how to send in all required information to the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

Learning everything about lasers in two consecutive days can be overwhelming so our day one provides all that you need to get started, along with receiving your license from the Georgia Composite Medical Board. Offering you a second day is critical to making the transition to working with patients which is why we offer a second day in our facility or in your current or future location.

Whether you want one-on-one training at your current or future facility on the laser you use or additional education on different lasers, we can work with you to meet your goals.

The following lasers will be learned in your training:

● 810 Diode
● YAG-1064nm
● Erbium YAG-2940nm
● Fractional
● Q-Switch-Pico Tattoo Removal
● Co2, Eximer
● Includes IPL

ASI Training Center’s laser training course offers a comprehensive and personalized learning experience that goes beyond just obtaining certifications. The program’s high level of care and support ensures that students are well-equipped with the necessary skills and resources to succeed in the aesthetic industry by offering job placement assistance. ASI Training Center’s experienced professionals are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals.


To qualify for the Georgia laser license, you must be at least 21 years old and hold a cosmetology, esthetician, LPN, RN, NP, or PA license. Medical assistants, scrub techs, and chiropractors do not qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ASI laser training offer all three required laser trainings required by the Georgia Composite Medical Board?

Our training offers all three required certificates – laser physics, laser safety, and laser hands-on- and a bonus certificate for hands-on microneedling used with a PRP/stem cell treatment.

Where is the laser license issued?

The Georgia Composite Medical Board issues the laser license.

How long does it take to receive the license after submitting paperwork to the Georgia Composite Medical Board?

Receiving the license can take several weeks to months, with longer wait times during busy seasons like spring and fall.

What is the difference between the Assistant Laser Practitioner and Senior Laser Practitioner licenses in Georgia?

The Assistant Laser Practitioner license is for cosmetologists, estheticians, LPNs, and medical professionals (RNs, NPs, and PAs) with less than three years of clinical experience. The Senior Laser Practitioner license is for RNs, NPs, and PAs with three or more years of clinical experience.

How can I overcome a lack of experience when looking for jobs that require two years of experience?

While you cannot change your experience level, you can gain additional licenses or certifications, such as a laser license. This shows initiative and can help you stand out to potential employers in a competitive job market.

Why should I take ASI laser training if I do not live in Georgia?

Georgia is a licensed state for laser practitioners, so obtaining a laser license can make you a more competitive job candidate. Additionally, laser training shows initiative and dedication to your profession, which employers value regardless of your state.

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