Hands-On 5-Day Medical Aesthetic Professional Training Course

Hands-On Comprehensive Training for RN, PA, NP, and MD

ASI Training Center’s 5-Day Comprehensive Training from ASI Training Center is designed specifically for RN, PA, NP, and MD who wish to transition into the highly lucrative aesthetic industry. With small class sizes and all hands-on work, you’ll learn the most in-demand key devices and treatments right now, including laser certification, Botox and fillers, PDO thread, stem cell and PRP certification, and microneedling/radio frequency. Join us and get the certificates and licenses you need to succeed.

Original price was: $17,500.00.Current price is: $9,995.00.

Minimum 4 participants.

Meet Your Trainers

Dr. Lori Lynch, MD and Dr. DeAnn Bing, MD are esteemed medical professionals with a shared passion for holistic health and wellness. Dr. Lynch, an alumnus of Georgia State University and Ross University, specializes in functional medicine, weight loss, and regenerative treatments, having trained at the Institute for Functional Medicine and the American Center of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Bing, a board-certified Internal Medicine physician from Ross University and Morehouse School of Medicine, founded Atlanta Mobile Aesthetics and IV Hydration, bringing a mobile-based medical aesthetics approach to the Atlanta community. Both doctors emphasize natural and minimally invasive methods, dedicating themselves to helping patients achieve optimal health, beauty, and age gracefully.



The 5-day course costs $9,995, which is an incredible value considering the ROI it provides for medical professionals interested in expanding their skill set and offering in-demand treatments.

Class schedule of 2023:

September 17, 2023

November 11, 2023

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Course Overview

This comprehensive aesthetic training program consists of a blend of didactic and hands-on training on the face. You will not only be provided with in-depth knowledge about the skin, its structure, and functions, but we also teach you the best business practices and offer post-training support.

Day 1: Skin 101

This training will provide you with the foundational knowledge of skin and serve as the basis for the rest of the training days. You’ll learn about skin structure and function, skin types, and skin analysis techniques.

Day 2: Hands-On PDO Thread Training

You will be introduced to Mono, Screw, and Barb PDO threads.

Day 3: Hands-On Regenerative Training

This day covers all aspects of regenerative aesthetic rejuvenation treatments, including stem cells, PRP, and exosomes for hair restoration, hair restoration, and male and female sexual health.

Day 4: Hands-On Botox/Filler Training Level 1

This training focuses on the most requested areas of the face for both Botox and filler.

Day 5: Hands-On Laser Certification

This training covers everything you need to know about laser physics, laser safety, and laser treatments for cherry angiomas, vascular, hair removal, IPL-photo-facial, pigment, acne, and tattoo. You’ll also receive assistance obtaining senior or assistant laser practitioner licenses.

Certifications/licenses upon completion:

– Laser Certification-License provided for GA residents
– Botox Filler
– PDO Thread
– Stem Cell and PRP Certification
– Microneedling and Microneedling/Radio Frequency


Attending this program requires a licensed RN, PA, NP, or MD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any prior experience in the aesthetic industry to attend this training?

No prior experience is required, but you must attend as a licensed RN, PA, NP, or MD.

Will I receive certifications/licenses upon completion of the program?

You’ll receive laser certification, a license (for GA residents), and certifications for Botox filler, PDO thread, stem cell and PRP, and microneedling/radio frequency.

Is lunch provided during the training days?

Yes, lunch is provided on all training days.

What is the class size?

The class size is limited to 4-6 participants, ensuring personalized attention and hands-on experience for all attendees.




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